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Episode 094 | Dec. 06, 2012: Randy Seidman + Jourdan Bordes

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Welcome back to the final Open House of 2012, another month is upon us! I am proud to announce that Open House has hit 70,000 unique downloads. From the US to Germany to Iran to Ecuador, I appreciate all of your support over the last few years. The rest of this month is busy. I’m playing tonight with Joachim Garraud at Sutra in Orange County. Next weekend I’m back at the annual PEX vs. Playloop holiday party in downtown LA. Then the following weekend I return to Asia for shows in Korea and Thailand. I’m looking forward to bringing you an exclusive set recorded from the road for the first episode of the year. This week’s guest is a friend and solid DJ named Jourdan Bordes – he will be holding down the second hour. For now, it’s time for a set from yours truly, and another episode of the grooviest beats…

Randy Seidman’s Website – Click HERE
Randy Seidman’s Facebook – Click HERE
Randy Seidman’s Soundcloud – Click HERE

Randy Seidman’s Track List:
01) Ante Perry & Flo Mrzdk – Wiracle Mip (Original Mix)
02) Sunshine Jones – Four Million Miles (Original Mix)
03) Henry Saiz, Cora Novoa – Dreama (Original Mix)
04) York & Steve Brian – Salida Del Sol (Yorks Album Mix)
05) Jozhy K & Glittering Puzzle – Tokyo Nights (Andrew Benson Remix)
06) Shingo Nakamura, Kazusa – Dice (Original Mix)
07) Marek Hemmann – Infinity (Original Mix)
08) Ezequiel Andrade – Physical Space (Andrew Benson Remix)
09) Asten – Escape from the Deep (Andrew Benson Remix)
10) Mike Hennessy – Alice (Blood Groove & Kikis Remix)
11) Blackfeel Wite, Timur Shafiev – Eighteen (Original / Moonbeam Outro)

Digitally Imported (DI.fm) airs Open House on their Progressive channel every first Wednesday of the month [11am-1pm PST | 2pm-4pm EST | 7pm-9pm GMT]. AND the show is syndicated every second Thursday of the month on the Progressive channel of ETN.fm [9am-11am PST | 12pm-2pm EST | 5pm-7pm GMT].


Jourdan Bordes has toured the world over and performed alongside the biggest names in dance music. He has played in cities such as London, Dubai, NYC, Miami, LA, Mexico City, Hong Kong, Australia, Germany, Bulgaria, Thailand, and many places in between. With only 3 years of self taught audio production, Jourdan has gained support from artists such as Graham Gold, Paul Oakenfold, Nervo, Kenneth Thomas, Noel Sanger, Darin Epsilon, Tritonal, and many more. Jouradan was discovered by the musical super mind, Bob Khaleeel (who also discovered an experimental rock/metal band, The Deftones). He is sighed to DLF music, owned by famed film producer, David Lynch. In 2012, Jourdan Held down three residences in Koh Phangan, Thailand. One of the residences was with dance music legend Graham Gold. Now back and forth to the UK and other global destinations, Jourdan continually pushes the envelope in the studio, and behind the decks. Jourdan was instrumental in setting up my tours of Thailand, so I’m very grateful to him for that.

Jourdan Bordes’ Facebook – Click HERE
Jourdan Bordes’ Soundcloud – Click HERE

Jourdan Bordes’ Track List:

01) Sky High – Oriental Funk Stew (Chuck Love Remix)
02) Glitchy Bitch – Arnold From Mumbai (Vipul Remix)
03) Dont Give Up – Sebastian Leger (JourdanBordes Remix)
04) Atomizer- Format B (Sebastian Leger Remix)
05) Slazenger- Fergie (D-nox&Beckers Remix)
06) Dirty Martinis – Kill Your Tv
07) Harlem – Joe T Vanelli(Mark Knight Dub)
08) Presedence – JourdanBordes
09) On Your Way To Heaven – David Chong

Digitally Imported (DI.fm) airs Open House on their Progressive channel every first Wednesday of the month [11am-1pm PST | 2pm-4pm EST | 7pm-9pm GMT]. AND the show is syndicated every second Thursday of the month on the Progressive channel ofย ETN.fm [9am-11am PST | 12pm-2pm EST | 5pm-7pm GMT].


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  1. mena

    This was one of the best mixes ive heard in a long time , and definetly one of the best on your show ive heard Randy ! Great trackselection and a quality production coming from jourdan. I hope you have him again !

  2. mena


  3. Jourdan

    Thanks for the kind words mena , and thank you Randy !!!!

  4. admin

    Thank u so much for the feedback!! Yes Jourdan did a great job ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hawie

    Excellent work Jourdan . I saw you perform in Thailand and really loved all your sets this summer , i also saw randy play at jungle and you guys both killed it ! hope to here more from Jourdan , Loved this mix !

  6. admin

    Glad you liked the Jungle and the sets – yes Jourdan killed it!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    If you are still in Thailand, I’m back at Jungle Dec. 24th and 27th.
    Stay in touch Hawie!

  7. Mark Ingham

    Played with Jourdan in Thailand! Loved this set….took me right back to the beach in Koh Phangan!

    Keep it up bro!

  8. Shane Bruegger

    Randy !

    What a nice treat on my Birthday ! Jourdan Bordes killed it !
    I will definitely be looking out for future sets on Open House one the first Wednesday of each month !


  9. admin

    Thank u dude!! ๐Ÿ˜›
    Yes he did kill it, didn’t he?

  10. Carla

    what a wicked wicked set guys, bigs thanks to jourdan for the heads up!!!! Will deffo tune in again

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